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Company Profile

    Mulan was founded in 2004 by three outstanding women. After 10 years of growth, mulan has developed with many production companies.Now mulan is jointly run by five production companies to ensure the smooth production of products.

    Mulan manufacturing group is a professional manufacturer of customer plastic molding/injection mould, metal casting, metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, metal stampingand CNC precision machining in China. We focus on custom manufacturing, We have 7 professional engineers, in charge of plastic mold/injection mould, metal casting metal stamping etc.Professional analysis and evaluation of your products. We have 5 professional Quality control engineers, 10 English sales manager, We can serve 7*24 hours. Be professional with your products.

Mulan’s Products and Services:

1. Metal Casting: Die Casting, Sand Casting, Gravity Casting, Investment Casting, metal forging and low pressure casting



2. Metalworking Service: Metal Fabrication, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Structural Metal Fabrication, Metal Frame Manufacturing, Welding Service, Cutting Service, Metal Bending, Plate Rolling, Metal Roll Forming, Sheet Folding, Metal Stamping, Deep Drawn Stamping, Expanded Sheet Metal and Metal Perforating.



3. Precision Machining Service: CNC Turning, CNC Milling, CNC Drilling, CNC Boring, CNC Grinding, CNC Cutting, Laser Engraving and Laser Marking.



4. Plastic Molding: Injection Molding, Rotational Molding, Blow Molding, Vacuum Forming and Thermoforming.


5. EDM Machining Service: Wire EDM Machining, Sinker EDM Machining, EDM Hole Drilling Service and Small Hole EDM Machining.

6. Heat Treatment Service: High frequency heat treatment/ Intermediate frequency heat treatment

7. Surface Treatment Service: electropolishing/ anodizing / passivation/ polishing / sand blast

8. Assemblyclients’ requirement

9. Packing : safety is the most important

10. Testing Report, QC Report :

Mulan Advantages:

1.Design and manufacture according to customer's requirement, take customer's design as final inspection standard.

2.Professional engineers evaluate the production of products, evaluate the production site, and give the most reasonable plan.

3.Professional English sales staff and customers will provide services for 7*24 hours, and timely feedback product information to the production department.

4.Professional quality control, according to customer requirements, customer satisfaction

5.we can do a one-stop service to produce whatever you need.

6.Give you the most reasonable price, make the best product, take the customer's satisfaction as the standard.

7.From product quotation, product design, product production, product inspection, product packaging, product transportation, product export, we are professional.You just need to send me your requirements.I'm a professional, you need, just right

8.Welcome to mulan in China. We will show you the production capacity you need.

Mulan manufacturing group for Custom Manufacturing Process for Metal Fabrication, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Precision Machining. 
   Our own factories are including plastic injection molding, plastic rotational molding, plastic extrusion molding, thick plastic thermoforming, investment casting, die casting, welding, punching, machining, etc.. You can find out our capabilities by visiting our other webpages. If your products cannot be made in our own factories, we will use our partner factories to produce them. We will choose the most appropriate factory for your products and will take care of the entire production progress for you. We have a good relationship with a lot of factories which have different capabilities and we have been working together with them for a very long time, so they will treat our orders as priority.

   We focus on custom manufacturing, and we have our own team of engineers to support the exporting production only, who are very familiar with the international grades and standards, our Chief of Engineer has been working in exporting area for almost a decade now. We have a team of Quality Control as well to inspect on the quality.

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