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Investment Casting

Investment Casting / Lost Wax Casting

Mulan Manufacturer Group can be customized production investment casting products, in China we have two big investment casting/lost wax casting production factory, the annual output 1000 tons, we participated in a global buyers design and production of 1000 kinds of products used in aerospace, military industry, electronics, household, industry and other industries precision investment casting products, pump body, valve body, turbine impeller, junction box, flange, etc., we have passed ISO9001-2015 certification, from the lost wax casting mould design, mould making, wax type test, sizing, drying, casting products.Every step will be subject to regulatory review.


Investment casting is also called Lost wax casting.The largest steel investment casting we can make is 100kg and 30kg for aluminum investment casting.The unit cost by investment casting is higher than die casting or sand casting, but it has a lower equipment cost.Investment casting can make very complicated shapes which cannot be reached by die casting or sand casting.


Two types of investment casting are water glass investment casting and silica sol investment casting.

Properties And Considerations Of Manufacturing By Investment Casting

Investment casting is a manufacturing process that allows the casting of extremely complex parts, with good surface finish.

Very thin sections can be produced by this process. Metal castings with sections as narrow as .015in (.4mm) have been manufactured using investment casting.

Investment casting also allows for high dimensional accuracy. Tolerances as low as .003in (.076mm) have been claimed.

Practically any metal can be investment cast. Parts manufactured by this process are generally small, but parts weighing up to 75lbs have been found suitable for this technique.

Parts of the investment process may be automated.

Investment casting is a complicated process and is relatively expensive.


The term investment casting is derived from the process of “investing” (surrounding) a pattern with refractory materials. Investment casting is often selected over other molding methods because the resulting castings present fine detail and excellent as-cast surface finishes. They can also be cast with thin walls and complex internal passageways. Unlike sand casting, investment casting does not require a draft.

1. Produce the wax patterns;
2. Assemble the wax patterns;
3. Investment (ceramic mold);
4. Dewax;
5. Burnout & preheating;
6. Pouring;
7. Removal;

Water Glass Investment Casting:

Silica Sol Investment Casting:

Stainless Steel 304 Investment Casting


Stainless Steel 316 Lost Wax Casting Products


Mulan produces cast products of stainless steel 316 for customers. Because they are used in a humid environment, we have made surface treatment of electrolytic polishing. The products look beautiful.

Stainless steel 304/316 casting sealing products


Mulan produces stainless steel precision casting and sealing parts. It requires high requirements on the temperature of molten steel and the design of molds when casting products. Mulan is good at producing stainless steel valve head, stainless steel flange and stainless steel junction box.

Copper/Brass Alloy Investment Casting Products


If you have a Investment casting or lost wax casting production, you can contact us, mulan will give you the best products at the best price, guaranteed delivery, quality assurance .


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7. Surface Treatment Service

8. Assembly

9. Packing

10. Testing Report, QC Report


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