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Low Pressure Casting

China's large low-pressure casting plant, with an annual output of 5 million tons, specializes in low-pressure casting parts, low-pressure casting parts for industry, low-pressure casting products for household use, low-pressure casting precision parts for lamps.

Due to its outstanding material properties, the low-pressure die casting process has been well-known in the automotive industry for decades, but until a few years ago its relatively long casting cycles meant that it was only used in the luxury class, where low quantities and higher unit costs are the norm. Despite the quality achieved in the low-pressure process, the mass production sector was forced to continue with high-pressure die casting because of its extremely fast cycle times. The fact is that a high-pressure die casting machine costs around four times as much as a low-pressure system – until a few years ago, however, the former’s casting cycles were around 4 to 6 times faster. Ways were therefore sought to make the low-pressure process more economical, that means faster. A major step forward came with the increase in size of the whole machine. As low-pressure die casting does not need the massive closing forces required by high casting pressure, the machine size is not dictated by the weight of the cast part – for example, 110 kg can be cast in the die of a low-pressure die casting system.

low pressure casting Advantages :

  • Very good strength values
  • Slower casting cycles
  • Complex geometries possible as sand cores can be sued
  • Minimum wall thickness approx. 3 mm (in die)
  • Higher material utilisation, no need for feeders
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Whole process well-suited to automation
  • Less complicated machine and die technology
Characteristics of Low Pressure Casting:
1. Pouring pressure and speed is adjustable, so it is suitable for different casting shapes;
2. Filling from the bottom of the part, steady liquid inflow, no splatter phenomenon, avoid air bubble,increase casting quality;
3. Bright and clean casting surface, better mechanical property;
4. Suitable for large casting parts with thin walls.



Our aluminum casting range of products includes aluminum pressure die casting, aluminum gravity die casting, aluminum sand casting.
Aluminum investment castings from our China foundries directly compete with aluminum die castings. However, aluminum investment castings (lost wax casting) with the use of soluble core technology can allow for internal geometry that cannot be created in die casting due to molding core constraints.
Typically, aluminum investment castings will be more expensive than die casting, however the tooling costs for investment casting will be less expensive than die casting. In general lower volume parts are more suited for investment casting than die casting. Die casting is more automated than investment casting therefore reducing piece part costs.
Aluminum castings are typically used for weight reduction due to the fact that aluminum is stronger than steel on a pound for pound basis. This makes them suitable for any application requiring weight reduction such as the marine, automotive, aerospace and many other industries, its favored for being light weight and durable...

We also do secondary operation including heat treatment and shot blasting.
We have high technical force and can also machine the part after casting, we have got CNC machining center and CNC lathe equipment. If you have a aluminum Low Pressure Casting or high low pressure casting products need to production, you can contact us
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